HFWDOMAINS.COM deprecation notice

Dear hfwdomains.com user, we (HostForWeb Inc.) have decided to let go of our legacy domain name registration platform hfwdomains.com in favor of more modern solutions. As most of you may know, we have been using hostforweb.com’s built-in billing engine for domain name registrations for quite a while now and we have come to a decision that it is no longer optimal for us to keep two separate domain registration portals.

There’s nothing to worry about for you, our user. Your account and all of your domain names are intact and secure. All that changes for you is the interface that you are going to use.

You can access your account with all of its domain names and management functions directly via our registrar’s interface at enom.com - this option is good for you if you are used to hfwdomains.com functionality. You can also contact us to migrate your domains to your account with HostForWeb at billing.hostforweb.com - it’s the best option if you already have other services with HostForWeb.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us a support@hostforweb.com, we’re here to help 24x7x365!